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The AWCO is pleased to be acknowledged as a Gold Donor for The FAWCO Foundation Target Projects:

Wells for Clean Water: Cambodia.

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Why do walk-ins at monthly meetings pay NOK 15 more?

There is a NOK 15 charge for people who come to the monthly meeting without having RSVP'd first. This is not to dissuade members from coming, but to encourage members to RSVP in advance. Because meetings are catered, we want to make sure there is enough food for everyone, without food being wasted. We also want to know how many people to set up for. We don't want to set up tables and chairs for 60 people, then only 40 people show up.  As you know if you have helped hostess a meeting, it's no fun to do a lot of extra heavy lifting for nothing!

For these reasons, it is extremely important that we have as close to a final count of attendees as possible several days before the meeting itself. RSVP in advance to lock yourself into the lower meeting price. And if circumstances prevent you from being able to RSVP, NOK 15 is not too bad. All the money goes to a good cause anyway, so consider it your good deed for the day!

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