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Learning Norwegian   

Many places offer Norwegian classes at all levels of ability. The best choice for you will depend on if you are learning for work, permanent residence, or simply to fit in better with the Norwegians around you. Also depending on your situation and the school you attend, your courses may be free of charge.

If you are learning Norwegian for your permanent residence, the requirements are 550 hours of Norwegian language and 50 hours of social studies.
Exemptions may apply, however. More information on the language requirements for permanent residence can be found here.

Norwegian Language Schools:
Suzalingua - Small class sizes geared towards moms who are welcome to bring their tots along. 
Free Norwegian Learning Resources:
Språkkafe - Practice speaking Norwegian with others who are learning.
Red Cross Norsktrening - Informal Norwegian classes lead by volunteers.
Free Online Classes 
Duolingo - The app that helps you learn a language 5min a day.
Babble - Another app you can learn a language from.
Norwegian ABC - A free course you can begin learning with. 
University of Oslo - This is course is made by UiO.
Youtube: Learn Norwegian Naturally - There are many classes on Youtube.

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