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Charity Acknowledgements

The AWCO is pleased to be acknowledged as a Gold Donor for The FAWCO Foundation Target Projects:

Wells for Clean Water: Cambodia.

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How do I get reimbursed for something I purchased for the Club?

These instructions assume you are already familiar with the Standing Rules and the Club's reimbursement policy. Please note that purchasing something with the intention of giving it to the Club does not automatically entitle you to reimbursement. Refer to the reimbursement policy in the Standing Rules for full details.


  • Scan the receipt showing your purchase and the amount paid.
  • Download the reimbursement request form here.
  • Fill in the form completely using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.
  • Email the completed form and receipt scan to the appropriate Board member. The Board member will respond with their approval or rejection.
  • Forward the approval email from the Board member, with the completed form and receipt scan, to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

In print

  • Make a photocopy of the receipt for your purchase with the amount paid.
  • Print the reimbursement form here.
  • Fill in the form completely by hand.
  • Bring the completed form and receipt to the appropriate Board member for approval. The Board member will sign off on the item.
  • Bring the form with its approval and receipt scan to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Combination of the above

It might be easiest for you to complete some of the steps electronically and some of the steps on paper, in which case, you are welcome to pick and choose from the steps above so long as your submitted claim includes of the following:

  • A fully completed reimbursement form 
  • The approval of the appropriate Board member(s), either signed on the form or stated expressly via email
  • A scan of the receipt

However, to ensure fast reimbursement for you and easy processing for the Treasurer, please submit your final claim all at once, either via email or in person. 

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