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"Harrytur" to Sweden

The term Harrytur refers to Norwegians who drive to Sweden in order to purchase groceries, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol at cheaper prices. The term "harry" is a derogatory Norwegian slang meaning tasteless, vulgar or tacky. In 2002 it was the Norwegian minister of Agriculture who repopularised the term and since then the name has stuck. According to Statistics Norway, in 2014, Norwegians shopped for 14,1 billion kroner on these day trips across the boarder.

Along with good prices on soft drinks and meat, many of the grocery stores have an American food item section at much better prices than in Norway.

Please note if you have been outside of Norway for a shorter period of time (such as a harrytur), you may bring goods with a value of up to NOK 3,000 without paying duty and taxes. This value limit is the sum total of the items you have purchased.

Without tobacco you may purchase 4,5 litres of wine (6 bottles) + 2 litres of beer (6 x 0,33 l) or 1 litre of spirits + 3 litres of wine (4 bottles) + 2 litres of beer (6 x 0,33 l) or 6,5 litres of beer. For more indepth information go to www.toll.no

Shopping in Sweden or Swedish border (Harrytur)


Svinesund and Strömstad

Svinesund is about 115 km from Oslo, just off Halden and Strömstad. The place has been a shopping paradise for purchase native Norway for about 50 years and has over 60 stores offering price-conscious shoppers what they want of groceries and supplies.








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