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Bringing Things Over From the U.S.

Have you ever wanted to buy something in the U.S., but A) needed a U.S. delivery address and/or B) needed a way to get a big, heavy, thing back to Norway, or C) thought "It would be so much cheaper to buy this think in the US! I could buy two and sell one here in Norway to cover the costs of the first, if only I could get the darn things here!"?shipping2

Well, my apple farming partner found himself in just this position when he discovered he could buy a tractor, a grass cutter and a chain saw in the U.S. for much, much, much less (even taking into account shipping and customs costs), than in Norway. He looked around and found Jet Carrier, an air and sea freight company based in Halden (which is down the east coast of the Oslo fjord, on the way to the Swedish border).

Jet Carrier has a warehouse in Linden, New Jersey. They are willing to be a U.S. delivery address for their clients. They arrange either air or sea shipments and take care of customs clearance into Norway. Once an item has arrived, they call to say it can be picked up or to arrange further onward delivery options.

For their sea freight, they basically have a container always at the ready. When it fills up, they send it on and start packing the next container. So, it might not be great if you are in a big rush for something, but they do allow you to track your container on its way.

Apparently, American car aficionados in Norway have known about this service for awhile. Jet Carrier does a lot of business transporting spare parts for U.S. cars, motorcycles, and other mechanical, motorized stuff (stuff being a technical term, understood by men). They speak English, though their website is mostly in Norwegian, and are happy to help with your shipping needs.

I know this sounds a bit like a commercial for a service, but really it is more like sharing information about a good thing. We have had nothing but satisfaction at both the U.S. and the Norwegian end. Unfortunately, it has all gone so smoothly that those catalogs of agricultural equipment no longer just go straight into the bin. Now, they actually get looked at seriously, so easy is it to get the stuff over from the U.S.

website: www.jetcarrier.com

JetCarrier Inc

601 W. Linden av #500

Linden, 07036 NJ USA 

Tel: (908) 759-6938 / (908) 998-1152

In Norway:

Magnum no AS 

Fosseveien 8-10 

N-1792 Tistedal 

Tel: (+47) 69184030 

Fax: (+47) 69184031

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