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Household garbage

For simplicity’s sake, ignoring the batteries and empty glass bottles and other special items that must be delivered elsewhere, in Oslo you have to sort your daily trash into 1) paper 2) food/organic waste 3) plastics and 4) miscellaneous solids. 

First you have paper, including milk and juice cartons. When you take out the trash these and your newspapers and other related products will go into the bin outside reserved for paper. While you are out there, you can toss the three other main categories of solid waste into the second rubbish bin you have out by the street. That one will take your food scraps, which you are supposed to accumulate in special green plastic bags distributed freely at grocery stores. Likewise, stores hand out rolls of blue bags to accommodate a household’s plastic waste. The fourth category is a sundry mix of general refuse which is normally accumulated in the plastic grocery bags.


You pay a returnable deposit (pant) on most plastic bottles, beer bottles and beer cans and you get this deposit back when you deliver your bottles in the recycling machine in the supermarket. You feed the bottles and cans into the machine and then receive a receipt that you take to the cash till to claim your money.

Glass and aluminum

These are taken to recycling stations, which are usually in or near supermarket and petrol station car parks. 

Unwanted clothes or household goods

can be taken to the Fretex shops (see Shopping), which are shops that sell second hand products and they are run by the Salvation Army. They can also be given to local flea markets/jumble sales (loppemarkeder).  Often you will get a note through the door asking for a donation of unwanted household goods/clothes to a flea market/loppemarked in aid of a local school band or handball team etc. 

You can take recyclable material to:

ISI recycling centre
Isiveien (towards Hønefoss)
Tel: + 47 (67) 13 177/+ 47 (22) 64 9300 (head office in Oslo)

Franzefoss Gjenvinning
Ringeriksv. 161
Tel: + 47 (67) 15 1830
Recycling companies in Oslo:

Avisretur AS
Haraldsrudv. 5
Tel: + 47 (22)  91 6960

Norsk Gjenvinning
Ulvenv. 91, Oslo
Tel. 47 22 64 93 00 or 47 22 88 08 00

Vikane Miljø
H.N. Hauges pl. 3, Oslo
Tel. 47 22 22 06 79

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